Sleeping Beauty: find the differences

Sleeping Beauty: find the differences

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Play this fairytale game featuring Sleeping Beauty. A king and a queen become the proud parents of a beautiful baby daughter, and they organize a huge feast for all their family members and friends and also for the fairies in the country. There are thirteen fairies, but there are only 12 golden plates, that's why the king doesn't invite one of the fairies. This fairy gets very upset. After the feast all the fairies wish the little baby all the best, but after the eleventh fairy the angry, uninvited fairy comes storming into the castle. She predicts that the child will prick herself on the needle of a spinning wheel when she'll be fifteen years old, and that she'll sleep for a hundred years! The king summons to destroy all the spinning wheels in the country, but one's accidentally left in the castle tower. On her fifteenth birthday the princess is wandering through the castle, and she enters into the tower where nobody has been for years anymore. She sees the spinning wheel and wants to touch it, but then she pricks herself! The girl falls on the bed behind her, into a deep, deep sleep. The whole castle falls asleep, too; even the flies on the wall don't manage to stay awake. A thick thorn-hedge grows around the whole castle and nobody remembers anymore that once, there was a castle. One day, a prince passes by the thorn-edge and he hacks his way through it. There, inside the thorn-hedge, he finds the castle, full of sleeping people. He starts walking through the castle, higher and higher, until he reaches the tower and sees the princess asleep. He falls in love with her on the spot and kisses her, which awakes her all of a sudden! The whole castle wakes up and a wedding's organized for the prince and the princess. They lived happily ever after... In this game you can read the entire story. Spot the differences and go for the highest score.

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Added: 14-06-2013