Hansel and Gretel, find the differences

Hansel and Gretel, find the differences

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Play this game where Hansel and Gretel play the leading part! Hansel and Gretel are living at the edge of the wood with their father and stepmother. The family's very poor and they're often hungry. Hansel's and Gretel's parents decide to take them into the woods so that they'll get lost, because there's no food left for them anymore. So the family walk into the woods, that are getting deeper and darker. All of a sudden Hansel and Gretel are all alone in the woods! They go in search of their parents, but they can't find anyone. Then they see a little house built of cakes and gingerbread! They run to the little house and start eating it, because they're very, very hungry. Then an old lady comes out of the house and she forces the children to go inside. Hansel and Gretel are locked up in a cage in the house. The witch, because that's what the old lady is, wants to eat Hansel and forces Gretel into becoming her slave. The witch feeds Hansel regularly to fatten him up. After a while, she asks Gretel if she wants to put the bread into the oven, but in fact the witch wants to shove Gretel into the oven so that she can eat Hansel afterward, as well. Gretel senses the witch's intent and asks her if she wants to demonstrate how to put the bread into the oven. When the witch demonstrates, Gretel shoves her into the oven! She frees Hansel from the cage and in the house they find boxes full of pearls and precious stones! Together they run away through the dark woods, looking for their parents' house. Suddenly they see the little house at a distance and when they come home their father is delighted to see them back, with lots of pearls and precious stones. Hansel and Gretel have never been hungry anymore! In this game you can read the entire story. Spot the differences and go for the highest score.

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Added: 22-08-2013