Fireboy and Watergirl 3

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Watergirl and Fireboy are on an adventure again, this time they're in the Ice Temple. They need each other's help to reach the exit. They both have their advantages and handicaps when they come across obstacles. Fireboy for example accelerates when gliding over the ice, whereas Watergirl is slowed down when walking on ice. Fireboy can't climb the slopes covered with ice: they're too slippery for him! Watergirl climbs these slopes easily. She has to avoid the seas of fire, and Waterboy can't walk through water. This water can change into ice when Watergirl pushes the button that switches on the blue light, so that Fireboy can walk over it. Fireboy can make the ice melt by pushing the button that activates the red lamp. Fireboy and Watergirl both can't jump when standing on ice. Help both friends complete all the levels, and collect as many diamonds as possible!

Rating: 88% 12%
Added: 12-04-2012

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