Find the differences: the Little Mermaid

Find the differences: the Little Mermaid

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This game is all about the Little Mermaid. A little mermaid swims to the surface of the sea with her fish friends, even though her father told her not to. She sees a ship floating on the water, with a young prince on board. She falls in love with the prince instantly. The ship gets in trouble in a storm, and the prince end up in the water. The little mermaid saves him from the waves, and brings him to land. When her father discovers that the little mermaid fell in love with a human he gets so angry he smashes her stuff. The little mermaid is sad and angry, she decides to visit the sea witch. The witch changes her into a human, but in return takes her voice. The little mermaid needs to get kissed by her prince within 3 days, or else she will become a mermaid again! When the mermaid washes ashore in her human form, the prince finds her, but he doesn't recognise her! Now she has to do her best to make him fall in love with her, and she succeeds! But the witch doesn't like where that is going, so she transforms herself into a beautiful human woman. She puts a spell on the prince, and he becomes so in love with the witch that he wants to marry her within just a day! The prince and the witch are getting married on a ship. All the animals from the sea help the little mermaid by buying her time, they create such a chaos that the witch's magic shell falls to the ground and breaks. The little mermaid regains her voice! Right when the prince wants to kiss the little mermaid, the sun sets. The little mermaid transforms back to her original form, the sea witch takes her prisoner. Luckily, the father of the little mermaid finds out just in time. He captures the sea witch and gives the Little Mermaid her legs back, so she can marry the prince. They lived happily ever after! In this game you will get to know the whole story. Find the difference between the pictures and try to beat the high score!

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Added: 05-06-2014