Find the differences: Snowwhite

Find the differences: Snowwhite

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Snowwhite plays the starring role in this game. In the winter a queen is sowing in her black window sill, it is snowing outside. The queen accidentally pricks herself in her finger, and three drops of blood fall in the snow. She makes a wish: she would like to have a child with skin white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as the window sill. The queen gives birth to a girl and calls her Snow White, but shortly after the queen passes away. The king marries a new woman just a year later, this woman wants to be the most beautiful in the country, she asks her magic mirror every day: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" Every time the mirror reveals she is the most beautiful, until Snowwhite grows up to be a beautiful young woman. The queen can't stand it, she becomes furious. She calls for a hunter, the hunter is ordered to take Snow White into the forest and kill her there. The hunter lets Snow White get away because he doesn't want to kill her. Snow White finds a tiny house in the forest, in which she finds seven plates and seven cups on the table, and seven little beds. She is so tired she falls asleep in one of the beds. The seven dwarfs come home and see Snowwhite sleeping in one of their beds. When she wakes up they tell her she can stay if she keeps the house nice and clean, and if she make sure not to open the door for anyone but them! The queen is told by the mirror that Snowwhite is still alive. She transforms herself into an old lady, with beautiful red apples, and visits her. The apple is poisonous, but Snow White takes a bite anyway and falls to the floor. The dwarfs are overcome by sadness and grief when they come home and find her there. They make a glass coffin in which they lay Snow White to rest, they cry and cry. One day a prince passes the coffin and falls in love with the beautiful girl laying there. He asks the dwarfs if he can open the coffin to get a better look at her. The dwarfs carry the coffin down the hill, but it falls to the ground. The piece of apple Snow White swallowed shoots from her throat, waking her up! The prince asks if she wants to marry him, and she would love to. The prince takes Snow White to his castle, and the dwarfs can come visit them whenever they want! In this game you will get to know the whole story. Find the difference between the pictures and try to beat the high score!

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Added: 30-01-2014