Cooking Games

Here you'll find a huge quantity of nice cooking games in which you can cook and bake all sorts of good food. But in these food games it's not only about cooking and baking: you can of course also prepare the most delicious sorbets or other desserts, grill corn, make honey, prepare a hot chocolate or, on the contrary, a fresh tomato juice or cocktail! Use your own fantasy to prepare these dishes and drinks in such a way that both you and your virtual customers love the taste of it. Do you like sweet food? Then you have enough choice among a large amount of the tastiest pies, cakes, cookies, muffins and sorbets. Do you prefer something savoury? In that case as well there are plenty of pizzas, meat dishes, soups and salads that allow you to show your cooking talent by preparing dishes that make your mouth water. Every season has its own food, and for every season we offer you the nicest food games. A fresh sorbet or cocktail in summer, or a hot chocolate with a piece of apple pie in winter, it's up to you when you play which cooking game and what you prepare! In the long list of cooking games you'll find for example a game like My Fruit Cup, in which you prepare a tropical dessert according to your taste, with fresh fruit and nice decoration. In Your Birthday Cake you have all ingredients at your disposal to make your birthday cake something nice and personal. Choose your favourite cake, marmalade, topping, icing, decoration and candles and enjoy the result with all those who come to celebrate your birthday! And if you choose to play Make a Pizza, you have to try to make four pizzas as fast as you can, but make sure that the toppings don't get stolen by the insects. And there are many more cooking games where you can experiment to your heart's content with the ingredients you like best. Try everything out, and then enjoy watching your creations. Who knows you'll get inspiration for you own kitchen! Play online games on Dress up Games, Barbie Games, Horse Games, Bratz Games, Kids games and Cooking Games, you can find them on We have over 5000 free online games on!