Animal Games

In this category you find Mary's zoo. There are many cute animals and you can play the funniest games with them. Do you love cats and dogs? Then this is the place to be, because you're surely find here a sweet dog, or a sweet cat to play with, or to dress! You can also find other kinds of cute animals in our animal games. A nice example of an animal game with dogs is ‘My Sweet Dog’. In this nice game, you may take care of a cute dog and train it. In the beginning of the game the dog is just a little puppy, and you have to take care of it. In the second level you your dog has grown big and strong. Like in the first level, you have to take care of it. You walk the dog, you wash it, play with it, let it sleep and let it eat. But in this second level you have an extra task: you must train the dog and participate in competitions, in order to win nice prizes. In the final level your dog has become an old cute dog, and you have to take care of it. At the end of the game you see pictures of all the happy times both of you spent together, and the prizes that you and your dog have won. On, formerly, you'll also find dress up games with animals. In these animal games you choose an animal to dress up, like a dog, cat, frog, or another animal from the zoo. Another nice example of a nice animal game is ‘Tessa’s New Pet’. In this game you choose a dog, and then you choose its tail, eyes, skin color and spots. Then you add some attributes and finally you have a nice dog you can walk a show with. As you can see, on you'll find plenty of nice animal games to play! We have a lot of funny animal games for you. Play online games on Dress up Games, Barbie Games, Horse Games, Bratz Games, Kids games and Cooking Games, you can find them on We have over 5000 free online games on!